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Low Power Laser

Low Level Laser Power Therapy (LLLT)

No more harmful drugs!

No more living with pain!
Laser treatment is an old/new idea – The possibility of using laser beams for medical purposes was first conceived of by Prof. Albert Einstein, who claimed that if it were possible to create a skin penetrating focused beam, then it could be used for medical purposes.Only during the 1980s, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) researched the low power laser, which showed many successes, and that is how it reached the civilian market.

What is a low power laser?
A laser is a focused light source with unique physical characteristics.
The low power laser (different than a high power laser) does not generate heat. It has a photochemical rather than a thermal effect, which has a positive impact on our body’s tissues without any risk or side effect and does not cause pain or discomfort, making it a fast-acting therapeutic method.
More than 2,000 scientific research studies conducted during the recent years clearly indicate the success and therapeutic power of the low power laser (LLLT).

The Biological Mechanism of the Laser
In contrast to high laser power radiation used in other medical fields, where its function is based on inflicting thermal damage to radiated tissue (for example: hair removal by destruction of the skin hair follicle or vision correction by etching part of the eye cornea), the low power laser radiation is absorbed by the radiated area cells and activates a series of biochemical and physiological processes. It improves the cell functionality and does not produce heat. With the aid of the light emitted by the laser, each cell returns to take part in the recovery process – the cells begin to reproduce and multiply and the healing process begins.

The improvement of the medical condition depends, of course, on the situation itself and its severity.

The treatment radiates bio-photonic light particles into the tissues and cells whose presence enable chemical processes in the body, which cause the cells’ renewal and other improvements to the natural function of the cells that were damaged.
The tissue penetration is extremely deep and can reach up to about 6 cm.

Recent research studies published in world leading professional journals all reported a positive result when treating with the low power laser compared to the conventional and pharmaceutical treatments. The world’s leading clinics select the low power laser as the treatment with the highest probability of success, especially for the following problems:
Joint pain: back, neck, shoulders, and knees.

Fresh injuries: sports injuries, infections, tearing tendons, fractures, sprains and ligament stretching.
Wounds and cuts: diabetic wounds, surgical scars, inflammatory skin conditions.
Active infections: sinusitis and bursitis.

Degenerative joint diseases: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, TMJ.
Sore feet and hands: bone spurs, plantar fascitis, metatarsalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, knuckle pain
Rheumatic background: trigger finger
Neurological pain: herpes, Bell’s palsy

Important Points to Remember
- The low power laser is safe and cannot harm.
- The low power laser is a focused light source with no thermal effect
- The low power laser treatment does not hurt, does not have side effects and is approved by the heath authorities in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Israel, and many other countries.

Everything you wanted to ask about the Low Power Laser:
Question – How long does it take to see improvement or a cure?
Answer –
The improvement depends, of course, on the severity of the medical condition. The low power laser dramatically improves acute injuries and the number of treatments depends on the medical condition and the degree of its acuteness. Each treatment takes 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated. Although the treatment of a chronic injury takes longer, the pain level is significantly reduced after only a small number of treatments.

Question – What are the success rates?
– The knowledge and experience of the person administering the treatment together with the capabilities of the low power laser enables us to treat conditions which previously were not treatable – the low power laser has successfully treated many conditions including: joint pain (such as back, neck, and knees), injuries, wounds and cuts, active infections, degenerative joint diseases, sore feet and hands, and neurological pain.

Question – Is there research on this subject?                     Answer – A variety of research abstracts and results regarding the various treatments are available. A wealth of material exists on the Laserworld LLLT website. In addition, controlled research studies are being conducted in various medical institutions in the UK, US, Canada, Scandinavia, Japan, and Australia.
There have been more than 2,000 different research studies conducted so far on the subject of low power laser that were published in the medical literature, all having the same conclusion – it works!!.
Question – Is the low power laser usage safe?
– The low power laser is safe for use since it is a beam of light with no thermal effect. The treatment does not inflict pain or cause discomfort to the patient. The FDA and CE approve its use as a system without a real risk.
The success rates depend on the type and severity of the illness, where there is a difference between an acute injury and a chronic situation with significant tissue damage. Early treatment significantly increases the probability of a cure – early treatment speeds up the cure. The probability of pain reduction is higher in all cases.
Laser therapy is not magic – the wealth of scientific documentation and the results in the field might surprise the most skeptical.
All of the therapists are certified physical therapists that were specially certified to work with  low power lasers.
The examination and diagnosis are free of charge and without commitment.

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