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Dental Implants – Surgery and Implants


Sometimes a tooth extraction is required when the tooth cannot be saved through other treatments and when the tooth destroys surrounding tissue, such as: a severely fractured crown, significant tooth movement due to advanced periodontal disease or injury, an unsalvageable broken tooth, wisdom teeth, and more.

After a clinical examination and an X-ray of the tooth, an extraction is performed with a local anesthetic and only then the tooth can be pulled out. There are several types of common tooth extractions in dental medicine: pulling baby teeth that do not fall out, tooth extraction for orthodontic treatment, and surgical extractions. These are performed when it is not possible to extract the tooth without cutting the gums, such as an impacted wisdom tooth.
Implant dentistry has seen significant growth in the past 25 years and today almost anyone’s teeth can be reconstructed using permanent crowns without the need for dentures. Today it’s also possible to implant teeth using lasers, which enables an easier and quicker procedure with higher success rates. In practice, inserting dental implants is a surgical procedure during which a titanium screw is implanted into a bone inside the mouth cavity. The position and the quantity of the implants are determined based on the size of the ridge and the amount of bone in the mouth cavity.

During the implant procedure, an incision is made in the gum and the bone is drilled to the required depth, after which a screw is inserted into the bone, and then the gums are closed and sutured. This procedure can be done at MediClinic with local or general anesthesia. The MediClinic medical center specializes in all of the available techniques for dental implants.
Sinus Lift
A sinus lift is a surgical procedure performed on the upper jaw to make room for dental implants. Usually a sinus lift is necessary when there is not sufficient bone structure for the implant and the area must be widened. There are two main techniques for sinus lift procedures: open sinus lift and closed sinus lift. Both procedures can be performed under local anesthesia.
A closed sinus lift is when the doctor lifts the sinus floor through the location of the implant. The objective is to move and lift the membrane, located at the edge of the sinus using special instruments in order to make enough room to fill the newly formed cavity with a new bone (meaning a bone replacement obtained from other sources), and to insert new implants in the area.
An open sinus lift is when the doctor enters the sinus area through the upper gums on the side of the cheek. In this case, the doctor also moves and pushes the sinus membrane with special instruments in order to make room for the bone replacement and the new implants.
The MediClinic medical center specializes in all the latest techniques for sinus lifts with many years of proven experience.

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