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About MediClinic

MediClinic was founded in 1999, and today includes a spacious medical center that provides the most advanced dental services, as well as Euro Spa – a magical spa in the heart of Tel Aviv.
MediClinic’s division of dental medicine is one of Israel’s leading facilities, offering the most advanced health services to loyal clients for years. The center, managed by Dr. Levin, offers anxiety-free and pain-free dental treatments through a combination of state-of-the-art laser technologies and advanced anesthesia methods.
All dental problems can be treated at MediClinic using general anesthesia without pain or discomfort.
The center provides an after treatment recovery room, and the clients can return to their daily routine in just a few hours.
The treatment team offers a variety of dental treatments under one roof.
We offer all types of cosmetic dentistry – MediClinic has one of Israel’s best team of experts ensuring the treatment’s quality and the safety of the process. The treatments are performed in a most advanced and state-of-the-art operating room, in the presence of a capable medical team around the clock, and supporting medical facilities such as a lab and an intensive care room. 
MediClinic’s doctors and consultants are available to the clients from the moment of their arrival and accompany them throughout the process, and after the treatment. The consultation is provided free of charge and with no commitment.
MediClinic is the only place in Tel Aviv combining health, quality, beauty and pampering …

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