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Dental implants

From today you can perform all treatments in one day - under general anesthesia
and wake up with a smile!

Dental Medical Center in Israel has the most advanced health care
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• Innovative materials and equipment • advanced anesthesia techniques • Staff trained and professional doctors
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Dental implantation is a process that uses advanced technology in dentistry - is performed during replacement of damaged teeth sands or artificial teeth .
This is considered a safe procedure with a very high success rate - as if it is performed by a dentist specializing in the field at the end of the process will benefit the patient Map aesthetic , healthy and beautiful smile .

The implants :

Implants are a permanent solution to cases of tooth loss - their imagery reminiscent implants screws and purpose is to replace the original tooth root .
There are different types of implants which differ from one sizes and shapes - when there are sure to fit any patient implants which are suitable for it in the best and highest quality .

Dental implants procedure :

Dental implants procedure is now a popular process with a very high success rate . However, this process involves several stages - the first stage oral testing is done by an expert , in order to accurately plan the implantation procedure and match it to the patient.
The next step is the actual implementation of the planning process - it is a surgical procedure which thanks to the advanced technology is now considered non -complicate installation is performed during implant .
The next step will take several months to complete absorption of the implant and then continued the procedure.

Importance of choosing the doctor :

So right dental implants procedure is now considered the procedure is not particularly complex and has high success rates in particular . However , the process to be performed correctly and the most appropriate , there is a high importance sure to choose a dentist experienced professional who will perform all the processes of implantation in the best way , emphasizing all the elements that are part of it - a doctor such knowledge to fit the implant right and the most appropriate , introduce the implant in the right way and in general - perform all procedures in the best and most professional .

So to have peace of mind throughout the process knowing that you are in good hands and very professional - it is important to pick and choose carefully the dentist who will perform the transplant as well as the dental clinic in the process will be .

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